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Chef’s Career

A career as a professional Chef is both fulfilling and indeed rewarding with very real opportunity for career advancement, travel abroad, and job satisfaction.


How does it Work?

HTN have a plethora of experience and expertise within the company to transition apprentices and already qualified chefs to HTN Recruit. HTN Recruit will employ:
– Newly qualified Chefs from the HTN group
– Qualified Chefs that HTN Recruit engage for either casual or permanent placement
– Experienced Chefs who have a proven track record of experience and knowledge
– Front of House staff
Anyone can apply, candidates who can demonstrate commitment and a sincere passion for cooking and a proven track record are selected for an interview with HTN. After extensive discussion regarding experience and career expectations, candidates are then referred to a second interview with the hosting venue.


HTN Recruit focuses on placing you in your dream role

  • HTN Recruit provides access to industry leaders, competitions, exclusive master classes and industry experiences.
  • Want to travel and work overseas? HTN Recruit can help you with that! Ask us today!

NOTE: To qualify for these positions, Chef must provide transcript(s) and a proved track record. There are options for further study, including to moving into other areas such as Hospitality Management (Total Chef Executive). Call 1300 139 108 to find out more

HTN Recruit opens doors to some of the WORLDS best kitchens.

Kick Start Your Career Today!

In addition to commercial cookery, HTN offers apprenticeships in patisserie, baking arts and more.

  • I’ve just come back from overseas and without HTN it would have been much harder.

    Jenna Popov
  • My career took off with the support of HTN!

    Kurt Morrow
  • HTN allows me to work in a variety of sectors in the industry – that’s cool.

    Mary Witkins
  • After working in London I now have a great job back home and look forward to employing HTN apprentices myself.

    Nikkil Chadha
  • After working in a restaurant I now work at the Catholic Club and learnt about fine dining and large scale catering.

    Geoff Martel
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