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What We Do

We recruit and employ Tourism, Hospitality and Foodservice Apprentices and Trainees

HTN partners with training organisations and Host Businesses to create true artisans of the food service industry. We encourage, support, promote, develop the vocational skills of young people who wish to pursue a career in a range of food service industries (from Commercial Cookery to Retail Butchery).

HTN is a not-for-profit organisation, and has earned a reputation as the leading “industry specific” Group Training Organisation in the food service sector within Australia. We are now the largest group employer of Apprentice Chefs and Apprentice Butchers nationwide with offices located in Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra.

HTN is managed and operated by industry professionals who understand the demand for skilled employees. Our highly regarded recruitment and selection program matches Apprentices and Trainees to suitable Host Businesses (according to skills needs and capacity to train).

In addition to our Total Chef training programs, HTN facilitates ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ learning experiences through the ‘HTN Peter Howard AM Culinary Scholarship’ and ‘HTN Peter Howard AM Future Chef Scholarships’  which are awarded to aspiring chefs as part of our commitment to inspire and promote hospitality as a desirable career option.

Our Values

Respect, Integrity and Excellence.

Our goal is to be the “go to” people for pathways into the hospitality and foodservice industries.

We take great pride in creating opportunities to allow young professionals to realise their potential.

Our Vision

  • Provide world-wide opportunities for our apprentices.
  • Enhance the image of cookery and food service careers by extensively marketing them as a highly desirable professions.
  • Work with industry associations and Government to provide meaningful and worthwhile opportunities for the next generation of industry professionals (i.e. a sustainable future).
  • Collaborate with businesses to create opportunities for excellence.
  • Contribute to the development of a highly skilled nation by providing training/employment, and business development assistance to both individuals and businesses that is second to none.
  • Address the demand for the chronic shortage of apprentices and qualified chefs and retail butchers , in concert with other stakeholders, to address  this shortage.
  • Supply the marketplace with passionate and enthusiastic Apprentices, as well as assisting Industry address the skills needs of these aspiring professionals
  • Provide a professional and safe environment for apprentices to develop their skills, ensuring our training is of the highest standard.
  • Serve industry by providing quality “Hospitality Employment Solutions”.

HTN have been opening doors and creating opportunities for cookery (and food service) apprentices and trainees for almost 30 years.

Our History

Launched In 1985 HTN was the vision of industry professionals to address industry training needs, and promote the food service professions.

It was led by the President of the Restaurant and Catering Association, who together with representatives from industry organisations, TAFE NSW and the former NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC), became the founding members of the Hospitality Group Apprentice Scheme.

Despite several name changes, rebranding and diversification over the years, our current board of Directors still comprises representatives from these industry bodies, and is committed to the hospitality industry.

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