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Posted on August 7, 2017 , No comments

I was watching Mary Berry Absolute Favourites on TV the other night and not only did I think about when I first interviewed her on my radio show in the early 90ies, I also thought about the fact that here she is still up there and at it. Now I am not being ageist but Mary is older than me and that is something in itself. But Mary is a complete professional as all good TV chefs/cooks have to be.

It brought to mind that HTN is conducting a Masterclass on just how does one become a TV Chef with Sam Burke and me; as I continue to watch the modern Chefs, I realise that one thing has not changed over the decades I have been involved in media cooking and that is that they all make it look so easy – that’s the art than of being a very good TV chef. But it ain’t, believe me!

Remembering just how much time it took to get a TV cooking segment together, I also recognised how much I missed this part of my old life. It surely was exciting and challenging especially when you’re cooking out in the middle of a field and the wind is blowing and so.

Perhaps the most important aspect of being a TV cook is that I could never do a TV segment on my own. I was definitely a part of a team and without that team, I was up that creek without a paddle.

Doesn’t that make you think of your job in the kitchen? If the team is not there and the teamwork doesn’t happen, then you’re up that same creek. Teamwork in the kitchen and else is the essence of professional service.



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