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Posted on March 29, 2019 , No comments

After months of heat and humidity here in the sub tropics of the Sunshine Coast, we are getting the first glimpses of Autumn. It is cooling down at last.

If we didn’t know it from our weather, we are reminded that the cooler times are on their way just by shopping and seeing the pears and apples on sale that herald a new season and eventually Winter. Oh, and don’t forget the importance of Easter in signaling the change too.

Although it is hard to recognise seasonality these days as we can buy any fruit and vegetables all year round, it is very noticeable in supermarkets as the displays of seasonal items increases. You will also see there is an increased emphasis on seasonal dishes in food and associated magazines.

On TV, different meals and dishes are offered by food advertising and on TV cooking shows – all steaming and inviting; traditional stews and casseroles, soups that brim with enticing flavours and nutrition. Nutrition is something we sometimes forget about as Chefs, but we do have a responsibility to serve the most nutritious dishes we can while appeasing our customer’s needs for flavor and fashion.

One more point of note on seasonal foods/dishes is that they are generally more profitable which makes them more appealing to operators.

I was very happy to see Chef Karen Doyle come into the Presidency of the National Australian Culinary Federation (ACF). I know that she is a great industry person and she supports apprentices and HTN. She steps into some big shoes that Chef Neil Abrahams left when he retired. Thanks Neil for all you did for the ACF National and all you do for Industry.

Congratulations Karen and well done ACF.



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