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Training, one way or another, in the Hospitality Industry has been a big part of my working life. Not only was I trained at East Sydney Food School in the very early 70ies (1970 through 1972) I went on late to be a trainer (teacher) at Ryde on the early 1980ies for nearly a decade.

Both of these experiences reinforced my belief that training is crucial if we are to maintain the high standards of service we have in Australia. And we do have high standards which makes our customers amongst the luckiest in the world.

It is in the embracing of multiculturism that we have achieved such a diverse range of ethnic cuisines and services on offer around the country. We have to be trained to use some of the ingredients and cooking methods…in my case, it was basic French cuisine I was taught in my starting days. And I was taught/trained brilliantly at the forebearer to catering colleges in Australia (East Sydney Food School).

It seems to me that there are two ways we are trained – one is at home for our social behavior and the other is for our industry training. The latter is available although it is very different to the days I trained to be trained.

However, it is still training that we do these days and HTN are so strong in their beliefs in training.

That and many other reasons, make me very proud to be the Patron of this modern group training company.



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