Christmas with Peter Howard!

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Without wanting to put a damper on your Christmas festivities, we need to think about people who may not be as lucky as we are – well I guess I should say, as I am and I am indeed very lucky and will share my Christmas with my partner and my expanded family. That day will be filled with a huge amount of food and beverages and lots of family love. Don’t ask how many will be there? Dozens as I am from a large family.

I know I am in charge of carving the ham – I always get that job and love it as I still use the carving knife I bought in 1970. We bring dishes as well so my sister does not have to cook for us all. She is a great cook and could do it. There are so many new salad ideas as well…and of course proteins like chicken, boned and rolled and stuffed turkey and my elder sister is making Coronation Chicken…very old recipe but delicious.

As for me? On the big day, I go to cook and serve a Christmas lunch for our local homeless and needy. That will be a full-on lunch for over 100 people organized by a group called Coolum HeARTS. They are so supportive of local homeless, disabled people and others. Many other volunteers are involved and the meal consists of Roasted Chicken, Ham (all donated) – at least 4 different salads. And of course, there is Christmas pudding, Christmas Cake, Pavlova, Trifle…all donated. And I will be Santa as we give out Chrissy presents.

Do I feel good to be able to do this event? You bet I do and also I feel honoured to be able to be a part of really vibrant community group like the Coolum HeARTS. Normally, I used to have to cook for the various businesses I was in and like you, I was so used to working Christmas Day lunch or dinner. Whatever I was doing I somehow felt I was sharing the joy of this Festive Season.

It is a time for sharing and while you may wish you were at home with your family –if you are working – try to remember you are making so many people happy with your excellent service and cooking.

See you next year and in the meantime – Happy Christmas to you and your family.


– Peter Howard 



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