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A different kind of training

HTN is a Group Training Organisation that is committed to the development and support of tourism, hospitality & food service apprentices.

2-3 Year Apprenticeships


Stand out from the crowd and learn from masters of their craft in a wide range of industry settings.

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Hospitality Skills Platform

Personalised support for migrants who are interested in working in the hospitality or tourism sectors.

Career Pathways


Develop and take pride in a unique expertise that you can utilise in the retail and food industry.

Cutting Edge Careers

Recruiting and supporting career-minded people.

Our approach ensures that Apprentices are able to acquire a variety of skills from different industry placements during the course of their training.

Our Field Officers provide expert guidance for all work placements, ensuring hands-on training is relevant and also meets the needs of each trainee.


Why Hospitality?

Guarantee your career future.
Skilled Chefs and Hospitality professionals are in
short supply in Australia as well as internationally.


Why Hospitality?

The average wage of a chef is $57,000
Top chefs earn well in excess of $75,000


Why Hospitality?

Opportunities to Travel
Through HTN you can make valuable
contacts with industry leaders and connect
to employers around the world.


Take pride
in your unique
set of skills!

“It takes great determination and will to succeed in the restaurant industry. I think that the opportunity to work within a network of highly successful and recognised chefs is a unique opportunity to fast-track your knowledge and skills. Learning some of the business and leadership aspects from some of the industry’s best whilst you are in study mode is also excellent and hugely beneficial. I would like to congratulate HTN on this very innovative program.”

Nino Zoccali (Owner of Pendolino and La Rosa)

Our dedicated Chefs and Mentors are eager to develop your potential through a range of preparatory and apprenticeship programs, designed for every stage of your career.

Have any questions?
Please call 1300 139 108 (toll free number) or see our contact page.

People we have worked with

HTN is extremely proud of our long term relationship with various businesses and organisations. See our partners and sponsors page for more information.

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