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HTNs Top 5 interview tips

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Welcome to 2016! It is great to come back into the office with a new rush of excitement as we start another big year of recruitment. There are potential HTN Professionals out there and we can’t wait to meet them, interview them and get them working within our almost 200 strong food service and hospitality businesses partnerships.

We interview candidates from all walks of life. We look for people who are passionate about food, service, hospitality and want to create a future within the hospitality industry. Part of our process is to have the potential Professional to come into the office and meet with one of the recruitment team consultants and talk about why they are wanting to join the HTN Community.

We asked the HTN Recruitment team what their Top 5 Interview Tips are to help you nail your next interview!

HTNs Top 5 Interview Tips

1. Research
– Understand what the business is offering. Check their website, Facebook page, Instagram account (if they have them) and get to know the business better.
– Look up where the business is located. Plan your trip. Work out how long it is going to take you to get to the interview. Add 15 minutes to the trip so if there is an accident or your train is delayed you still have time up your sleeve.
– Print out or save the contact details of the person you are being interviewed by in case of an emergency. There is nothing worse than a candidate getting lost or running late and not contacting the recruiter. Call them if you are even going to run 5 minutes late.

2. Attire
РLook presentable. First impressions matter!  A few pointers:

  • ¬†Ironed and clean shirts, blouses
  • Clean pants or skirts, no jeans or sports wear
  • Clean shaven, teeth brushed, hair brushed

3. Time
– Turn up 10-15 minutes early. If you arrive early, go in and introduce yourself 5 minutes prior. It is better to be early than to run late! Refer to point 1.

4. Interview time
– Smile, shake hands with the recruiter when you are introduced.
– Be polite
– Be responsive
– Ask questions
– BUT most of all, be yourself!

5. Ask questions
– This is your opportunity to learn more about the role. Ask away!
– Understand the business
– Understand the role you are applying for
– Ask about the team you are joining
– Ask about the goals of the business or what they are wanting to achieve

Do you have any tips you want to add? Send us an email with yours tips for interviewing success to [email protected]

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