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In my minuscule veggie patch in the back yard, the green peas are bursting out all over. It is another reminder that winter is in full swing and to reminds me that, once upon a time, we cooks were tied to seasons.

Of course, all that has changed with the use of technology and our adapting to having produce we want, and more importantly what our customers demand, all year round. In one way, it certainly makes life easier for us when we are planning menus.

However, there are some ingredients that will always demand seasonal use and coming up is one such succulent item, Spring Lamb. Delicious. And vegetables like the brassica family are at their best now, however Brussel Sprouts, Cabbages and other members of this family all year round. Such is the range of climates in our great country and of course, glasshouses etc that let primary producers provide us with produce and products we need, whenever we need them.

With the hard work of people like the CSIRO and food manufacturers, we are well supplied with all the right stuff to give to our customers and fulfill our love of cooking and we are once again reminded of our place in the food and wine industry.



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