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When you’re a cook, chef, or apprentice you’re never far removed from the supplier of the basic we need to ply our trade. The primary producers (farmers) that make it possible to use the superb produce to cook to satisfy our customers.

So we need to spare a thought for these extraordinary hard working people who continue to work in these days of record heat, fires and personal confrontations. Can you imagine how difficult it is to do what they do as we ride to work in air conditioned comfort be that is trains to cars or buses? No such luxury for most of the farmers.

Watching tour produce turn to mush because of the heat or watching your grapes turn to raisins on the vines or having to euthanise your sheep because of fire damage must be challenging and heartbreaking – yet farmers are having to face up to these dilemmas and worse. Our hearts goes out to them.

On our side of things, it is inevitable that prices of goods rise and consequently, restaurateurs, F&B managers are faced with increasing the selling prices of the dishes that compromise the menu – or find another way around passing on these unwanted hikes in prices. Customers hate price increases.

Whatever way you look at it, we are a part of this chain and we must empathize with our primary producers and say thanks to them for all their efforts and professionalism.



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