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While visiting the USA just recently – for most of March – I couldn’t help but notice that the restaurant business was as buoyant as ever which only goes to show that not even the bizarre antics of an ‘interesting’ president can disrupt the need for people to eat and enjoy.

And just like us, the American population certainly know how to enjoy themselves while circulating big bucks into the hospitality industry. You can be assured of good service, well almost 99.99% of the time and bountiful plates of food which is mostly good to eat.

I have been going to the USA since 1979 either to play or to work and have always come away with something new and this time, I came away with the realisation or reinforcement that the American work ethic is as sound as ever. Like us, they sure can work hard and perhaps the point I did notice was they staff:customer ratio has changed. In the places we went, there were more customers to wait staff than I had previously noticed.

However, be that as it may, and it may be only the places we went, the smiling service staff of San Diego and Fort Lauderdale were there for us. As for the guys on the ship we cruised on, they put the capital W in hard Work – boy do they do it.

The joy of travel is that we learn as we go and that is a point we all need to think about and that while we are enjoying, we are also watching the various cultures at play. Long may the cultures vary!



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