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Throwing out some old documents from my files the other day, I couldn’t help but notice just how many cooking jobs I’d had during my younger days. So many different kitchens and so many different locations around Sydney and Australia – it was, in those days, the way to get the experience to make for a well rounded cook.

Somehow it was acceptable to have all those different jobs, provided the places of employ were recognised as being ‘good’ work environments. Not a lot has changed in the last few decades since I was training but it made me realise that HTN apprentices get this varied work experience as a part of their employment through HTN. It has to be a better way to gain experience than the way I did.

The downside to my gaining experiences was that I would be one of those employees that employers still complain about – “…I just got him trained to where I want him and he left me!” This is still a constant complaint of everyday employers and yet young cooks and chefs move regularly to gain experience here and around the world.

Perhaps the is the way it is and provided we keep on gaining new experience and give our employers and customers the very best we can while we are there, we are fulfilling the essentials of being in the service industry. Giving service.



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