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Over the relaxing Christmas break, I took to watching the numerous cooking shows that abound on TV these days. There are so many different approaches to cooking on TV and most are being filmed on location around the globe…these shows are exciting to watch and technically very good, even though some locations would have presented problems for the host and crew.

As I watched the guys cooking, I realised that so many of them were trained qualified Chefs. Rick Stein is the statesman of the TV Chefs and a brilliant Chef – I’ve eaten in his UK restaurant a few times when he was on the pans working. And he knows his stuff for sure – just watch his knife skills on TV!

Chef Curtis Stone seems to be  everywhere on TV, from commercials to TV shows. I remember when I was on the Today Show (as a TV cook), I was filmed at the  very famous posh London, Quo Vadis; it was a Marco Pierre White restaurant with a large Aussie wine list, and also with a very young Curtis as a sous chef. Many years later I got to see Curtis in action, and  I then worked with him in the USA and around Australia at various food and wine shows, so know first hand that Curtis can cook very well.

Fast Ed, Shane Delia, Jamie Oliver and the many other TV chefs are trained and have completed their apprenticeships. Just like so many of you now, they have served their time learning the magic of cooking and all the opportunities that are available for us.

The Celeb Chefs I know will acknowledge that training, education and completing an apprenticeship is essential. Some of you aspire to be a Celeb Chef and while I have had my time doing just that, I will join with the Chefs to say that training is essential even if it was in 1970 (50 years ago now), as it was for me at East Sydney Food School. And then came the learning, which became a lifelong passion.

And it is worthwhile remembering that behind modern TV chefs is another group of trained people who back the hosting chefs – the home economists. They have completed their courses and gained their qualifications. Every TV chef is very grateful to that dedicated group of people.

I know there were times when I was training and learning that I questioned what I was doing…..and that happens to us all, we all have our moments of doubt.

At that time, it is best to know that the doubt will disappear and you must continue cooking and learning. It’s called discipline and it is what every Chef has regardless of where their job may take them.

For you, there are vast opportunities and so many jobs you can end up in…who knows, you may even become a Celeb Chef.



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