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The recent corporate debacle that has turned the Dairy Industry upside down should be a reminder to us that we, as Chefs, cooks, apprentices and anyone involved in the massive Hospitality Industry, are a part of the Agri-business of this great country of ours.

I was fortunate that, during my career, I got to work with so many rural people and got to know about their hard work and dedication. I was reared in a Dairy region and did have first-hand experience of milking cows and being involved in farming, albeit as an observer mostly. I was a ‘townie’ to my farming cousins. However, whatever I’ve seen and done during my 6 decades +, I know that we simply don’t exist without our farming brothers and sisters.

What do you eat if it doesn’t come from the ground and is produced by our farmers and graziers?

I know this is a very simplistic discussion but so few of us understand the dynamics of farming and so few acknowledge that without farmers, we are non-existent. So the next time you pick up a potato, a carrot whatever, a good piece of beef recognize that it is from our farming friends and say thanks.

The only other group of people I know that work as hard as farmers is the cooking fraternity.



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